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GLIMS Web Mapping Service: The GLIMS Web Mapping Service (WMS) was developed to provide the public with easy access to the GLIMS Glacier Database. Several layers in the WMS can be viewed and queried: Glacier Outlines, ASTER Footprints, Regional Center Locations, The World Glacier Inventory, and others. The GLIMS Glaciers layer contains the GLIMS glacier data. This layer can be viewed and queried, and query results can be downloaded into a number of GIS-compatible formats, including KML (for use in Google Earth), ESRI Shapefiles, MapInfo tables, Geographic Mark-up Language (GML), and GMT. The data within the GLIMS WMS are OGC compliant and can be served to other OGC-compliant services, thereby increasing the reach and utility of this glacier data set. See "Data Access".

ASTER Data Acquisition Requests

At the ASTER Science Team meeting in June 2018 (Tokyo), a summary of the Science Team Acquisition Request (STAR) for GLIMS was presented.

Documentation and Tools for GLIMS collaborators

GLIMS Analysis

ASTER Imagery

  • GLIMS originated as an ASTER Science Team project, and we tasked the ASTER instrument to acquire imagery over glacierized terrain. See the Data Acquisition Plan. The GLIMS community now maps glaciers using a variety of satellite platforms.
  • ASTER Data Access, distributed by the Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center. This is a good starting point for obtaining various data sets from the LP-DAAC.

GLIMS Glacier Database