Guides and Tutorials

GLIMS Analysis of Imagery

General Guides

  • NEW! Quick guide to preparing data for GLIMS

  • GLIMS Analysis Tutorial (Bruce Raup and Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa) A4 PDF, Letter PDF, OpenDocument Format (ODF)
  • Illustrated GLIMS Glacier Classification Manual (Frank Rau, Fabian Mauz, Steffen Vogt, Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa, and Bruce Raup; PDF)
  • Guidelines for the compilation of glacier inventory data from digital sources, a result of the workshop on world glacier inventory in Lanzhou, September 2008 (Frank Paul). PDF
  • GLIMS Algorithm Working Group guide to GLIMS algorithms HTML

Guides from Regional Centers

  • GLIMS RC "Antarctic Peninsula" (#18) Procedures and Guidelines for Glacier Analysis: PDF
  • Ice-drainage basin delineation and glacier classification for the Arctic ice caps using GIS and GLIMSView Software: A step-by-step process description for the novice to intermediate GIS technician (Greg Hartman, U. of Alberta, February 2006) PDF
  • University of Alberta's Databasing Guide (Luke Copland) HTML
  • A method for eliminating "internal" rock polygons that straddle glacier polygons (Adina Racoviteanu). PDF
  • Procedure for automated GLIMS ID assignment in ArcGIS, using the coordinates of a point file (Hester Jiskoot) PDF

Deriving Glacier Boundaries from Digital Maps

  • Digital Outlines and Topography of the Glaciers of the American West (Fountain and others, 2006). HTML