ASTER gains for GLIMS

Please Enter day-of-year, latitude (decimal degrees), and band number for ASTER. Output is optimal gain for snowy targets, on approximately level terrain. If your terrain slopes significantly southward, you may want to adjust the gain downward.

You can also call this program from scripts or programs that can get information from a URL. As an example, the following gets the gain settings for DOY=190, Latitude=44, band=3. The result is returned in plain text format. You can also specify "format=html" for HTML output.

You could use the "curl" program on Linux systems, for example, to get the data from this service. Be sure to put single quotes around the URL.

  $ curl ''
  ASTER gains:
  Key:  Gain:  3.827225  (low1 gain at 82.72% saturation)

Day-of-year: (Range: [1,366]; Defaults to 1)
Latitude: (Range: [-90,90]; Defaults to 60)
ASTER Band: (Range: [1,9] (TIR doesn't have adjustable gains.); Defaults to 1)
Equator crossing time, ascending node: (Range: [20,23] Defaults to 22.5)