GLIMS Data Export

GLIMS Data are available in these file formats:

Because the GLIMS Database is very extensive, a pre-defined set of attributes has been created to accompany the data. Not all fields are populated for all glaciers.

The downloaded data set consists primarily of polygons. For each glacier analysis there is a polygon that represents the glacier boundary and (where they are present) there are polygons representing the locations of internal rocks that are contained within the boundaries of the glacier. The internal rock polygons are attributed as 'intrnl_rock' in the line_type attribute field.

Citing GLIMS Data:

Please select the file format and archive type for your data:

File format:

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Please select the data model for your data:

GLIMS (multi-temporal) data
Holes (RGI-like)Geometry: Nunataks as holes
Separate polygons (GLIMS-like)Geometry: Nunataks as separate polygons