GLIMSView Bugs and Wishlist

List of Bugs and Desired Features for GLIMSview 1.0.  Compiled and maintained by Deborah Lee Soltesz & Bruce Raup. 5/29/2008 9:04
i Issue ID Type Description Date Reported Reported by Platform Severity Status Date Fixed Fixed by Notes on Fix Related URL Relation Notes
2 1 Bug Tool:  IP Place point.  A glacier ID shows up in the glacier config tab.  CTRL-Z (undo) makes the input point go away on the image, but the ID doesn't go away from the glacier config tab.   Raup Linux Urgent Closed 12/6/2004 dls adding highlighting of selected points, lines, or glacier ids in list fixed this problem   1  
2 2 Bug Help->About: version number is not current.  Says 0.99 instead of 1.0   Raup Linux Urgent Closed 4/14/2004 dls        
2 3 Bug User's Guide: There is a link to the GLIMS website, but clicking on it only makes the User's Guide window go blank, and I get the message: "QTextBrowser: no mimesource for" in the terminal window.   Raup Linux   Closed 4/14/2004 dls removed link to GLIMS website - the help window is not a true web browser      
2 4 Bug Config:Image -- The image filename is not filled in.   Raup Linux Urgent Closed 8/20/2005 dls 4/14/04 - There's still an issue with reading/writing data to the project file. This element has been renamed from filename to Image URL, which is what should be displayed in the dialog. 8/20/2005 - missing & caused data structure holding the data to "lose" it   83  
5 Wanted Feature Glimsview is designed to be run from the installation directory only.  If it is run from somewhere else, it doesn't know where to find the pixmaps for the buttons.  Should use an environment variable such as GLIMSVIEW_HOME.   Raup Linux   Open    
6 Wanted Feature Ability to export the ASTER (or whatever) image in GeoTIFF, PNG, and other formats.   G. Hamilton   Urgent Open         21  
7 Wanted Feature When saving a project, it would be good if the stretches that had been applied to the image were also saved.   Raup Linux   Open         96 relation based on need for project XML refinement and additions
8 Wanted Feature Should be able to use GCPs to adjust the geolocation of the image, or, ideally, orthorectify the image.   G. Hamilton     Open            
2 9 Wanted Feature When the user tries to exit the program without first saving work, the dialog should be something like "Save before quitting?", and the buttons should say something like "yes", "no", "cancel", where "cancel" cancels the quit operation.   Raup     Closed 8/4/2005 dls        
10 Wanted Feature Generic shapefile import: currently, shapefiles must be in lat/lon coordinates.  Need to be able to import shapefiles in projected coordinates.   Khalsa Windows Urgent Open            
1 11 Interface improvement Bulk delete of polylines, e.g. shift-click to select entire line, DEL key deletes.   Khalsa Windows Urgent Open         1  
1 12 Interface improvement Bulk nudge of points (select group of points, move them all together)   Khalsa Windows Urgent Open         1  
13 Wanted Feature Autosave/recover feature   Khalsa, F. Rau Windows Urgent Open            
14 Wanted Feature Layer manager (things like toggling all lines on and off, or just certain line types on and off)   Khalsa Windows   Open           Multiple layers with photoshop/illustrator style box would be nice, wouldn't it?
15 Wanted Feature Generic shapefile import without pre-loaded image (requires redesign of program, which currently bases geolocation on a single image)   Khalsa Windows   Open           Doubt a redesign is in order… just a couple tweaks.
2 16 Wanted Feature Add units to form for inputting glacier params (width, length, area, etc.)   Khalsa Windows Urgent Closed 8/4/2005 dls        
17 Wanted Feature Prompt before overwrite shapefiles (export)   Khalsa Windows   Open            
2 18 Wanted Feature More screens to supply all the metadata that is in the shapefiles it generates. Currently, it gives you the option to input only some of the parameters, but others, like whether the image was orthorectified (segments table) and what the RC_ID is (currently given arbitrary value?) would have to be supplied by editing the shapefiles.   Khalsa Windows Urgent Closed 1/23/2006 dls 8/5/2005 - RC_ID and other Session stuff fixed - more fixes coming
1/23/2006 - several Image metadata fields added, fixed Image URL, and added validator button for Acquisition Date-Time
2 19 Bug Occasional crashes; cause unknown; crashes when working on large projects also reported;   F. Rau Windows Urgent Closed 7/14/2005 dls refactored undo to not save a copy of the entire line set, reducing memory usage   78 Probably related to the undo facility creating a full snapshot, which uses a lot of memory for large projects (see also 78)
20 Wanted Feature Ability to import older Landsat imagery (TM? MSS?)   F. Rau Windows   Open         21 P. Geissler has expressed a need for this also (7/20/2005)
21 Wanted Feature Ability to import imagery from ASTER L2   F. Rau Windows   Open         21  
22 Wanted Feature Ability to import imagery from SPOT   F. Rau Windows   Open         21  
23 Wanted Feature Ability to import imagery from ERS   F. Rau Windows   Open         21  
24 Wanted Feature Ability to import imagery from ERDAS Imagine, IDRISI, PCI. (Should currently be able to go through GeoTIFF, though. --B. Raup)   F. Rau Windows   Open         21  
25 Wanted Feature Should be able to view georeference system of input imagery (projection, datum)   F. Rau Windows Urgent Open         21  
2 26 Interface improvement No project information is available during an analysis session => project name in the program bar, readable session log (translation of the XML file as text or HTML for human readers?), etc. would be extremely helpful for the analyst.   F. Rau Windows Urgent Closed 1/23/2006 dls     69 8/2005 - problems getting this to work in windows
2 27 Interface improvement Save and export options open the same pop-up window without further indication what is to be saved or exported (include specific standard file extensions?). What is the difference between PROJECT => INGEST => IMPORT and IMPORT shapefile?   F. Rau Windows Urgent Closed 8/4/2005 dls 8/4/2005 - Changed menu wording - need to add filters to all file boxes      
2 28 Interface improvement More self-explaining menus or a context-sensitive help functions   F. Rau Windows   Closed 8/4/2005 dls updated a lot of the menus and icons to be a little more friendly   28  
1 29 Interface improvement On-line help should include GLIMS-specific glossary   F. Rau Windows   Open     1/23/2006 - added quite a bit to the User Guide; plan to add context-sensitive help in the near future   28 maybe link to data dictionary?
1 30 Interface improvement There are some items in the menus which are not explained (histogram  best fit, etc.).  (This should be improved in on-line help and the manual/tutorial. -B.Raup)   F. Rau Windows   Open         28 would like to totally redesign the histogram functions
2 31 Interface improvement The icons in the icon bar should be arranged in groups with spacers between (e.g. to avoid the selection of the glacier ID tool between the digitizing tools and the selection tool).   F. Rau Windows   Closed 8/4/2005 dls separated the tool buttons by function   31 need general improvement of icons (see work done by 2005 Capstone team)
32 Interface improvement Imported shapefiles should be integrated as a grouped item with their arc-specific properties to facilitate a easy identification and a rapid removal of the item from the current session. (This is similar to Item 14, Layer Manager. -B.Raup)   F. Rau Windows   Open         14  
33 Interface improvement The selection tool does not provide specific modes for selecting and it is sometimes a little bit tricky to select the different items (points, arcs, glacier Ids). In particular, the individual selection of overlapping arcs is almost impossible. Therefore, it would be great to have a type-sensitive selection tool or at least, the possibility to choose between various tools for selecting the different items. In addition, it is rather difficult to select several items (by pressing the shift button) and to group them (this is required e.g. for the preparation of two connected or neighboring glaciers sharing a common boundary line).   F. Rau Windows   Open         33  
34 Interface improvement Determining Left/Right sides of a line needs to be automated, say, by clicking on the side of the line you mean, rather than remembering the direction of digitization.   F. Rau, F. Cawkwell, B. Raup Windows Urgent Open           See series of e-mails on the subject (March 2005). Need some kind of visual feeback on line direction.
2 35 Interface improvement Should be able to select a glacier and edit its ID, etc. by clicking on the dot associated with the glacier ID. That is, should be able to click on outline and have corresponding ID highlighted in glacier config tool.  Conversely, should be able to click on glacier ID in config tool and see which outlines are associated with it.  Once the user has done "Set Lines", there is currently no way to see confirmation of that association.   F. Rau, B. Raup Windows Urgent Closed 12/6/2004 dls 1  
0 36 Interface improvement Should be able to delete a glacier ID by selecting its ID in the Glacier Config tab of the Configuration dialog.  (You can delete a glacier ID by selecting the dot on the image, then pressing the DEL key. -B.Raup)   F. Rau Windows   Open     Tried 12/6/2004 and did not succeed, but know how to fix   1 See code for notes - tried to fix, but need to create a custom listview object to catch the key strokes
1 37 Interface improvement There seems to be no access to the characteristics of a digitized feature => it would aid the analysis process if the program provides a direct possibility to extract the information (e.g. via a context sensitive info window, a status bar, or by highlighting the respective feature type in the configuration menu).   F. Rau Windows   Open            
38 Interface improvement A tool for measuring length and width of the glacier could facilitate a direct determination of these parameters within an analysis session.   F. Rau Windows   Open         38  
2 39 Bug Population of mandatory fields for submission to NSIDC needs to be enforced by GLIMSview.  See related URL for list.   Raup Linux Urgent Open     1/23/2006 - current work on "consistency" is working towards this goal 96 Combination of GLIMSView enforcement and completed & correct Schema or DTD; 8/4/2005 - An additional cross-reference list has been compiled based on the data dictionary, the Schema updated - need to go through GV to check for inconsistencies and make sure data entry fields are the appropriate size
2 40 Bug Image Info Tab:  ?Acquisition? is misspelled.   Raup Linux   Closed 4/14/2004 dls        
2 41 Bug Tools->Plugins:  ?Threshold? is misspelled.   Raup Linux   Closed 4/16/2004 dls        
42 Bug GLIMSview doesn't read geolocation information from GeoTIFF.   Raup Linux Urgent Open            
2 43 Bug Null values need to be handled consistently for exporting.   Raup Linux Urgent Open     1/23/2006 Need to find out what Bruce means by this   96 is this a related issue to storage of WGMS values? Which NULL values are inconsistent? My vote is -1 means undefined
1 44 Wanted Feature DEM: Ability to do 3-dimensional analysis, using imagery and a DEM.   A. Racoviteanu     Open         95 P. Geissler has reasserted this need, along with anaglyph/stereo viewing (95)
-1 45 Wanted Feature Should be able to read attribute data in from a .dbf file   F. Cawkwell Windows Urgent Open     2007-06-21 fixed GLIMS shapefile import, but not regular shapefile import…   45  
46 Wanted Feature Should be able to read attribute data in from a .xls file (or .sxc file (openoffice spreadsheet format) -B.Raup)   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open         45  
47 Wanted Feature Ability to include area of internal rocks in glacier basin in config.   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open            
48 Wanted Feature Allow line endpoints to be joined to line midpoints and snap overlapping lines to each other.   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open           Joining to midpoints? Is that valid?
2 49 Wanted Feature Read shapefiles of points and lines, not just polygons   F. Cawkwell Windows   Closed 5/29/2008 dls 2008-05-29 added points import, made both segments and points bring in attributes from DBF file and match to GLIMS project data      
50 Wanted Feature Read in metadata from other formats   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open         45  
0 51 Bug In Configuration dialog, the line color selection is not always saved.   F. Cawkwell Windows Urgent Open   dls 4/14/04 - haven't been able to repeat problem yet   83  
2 52 Wanted Feature Change color of glacier ID dot when ID is selected in Config   F. Cawkwell Windows   Closed 12/6/2004 dls     1  
53 Wanted Feature Be able to generate an ID for each polygon automatically, and enter automatically into Config.   F. Cawkwell Windows   Test 12/6/2004 dls Not fixed, but I believe selecting a glacier ID from the config dialog makes that the default ID for new lines      
2 54 Bug Be consistent in defining longitude as +- 180 or 0-360   F. Cawkwell Windows Urgent Open?           going with +/-180 (did this get fixed or not?)
1 55 Wanted Feature Ability to change the order of glacier IDs in the Config list   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open         1 fix will be related to making the delete key work in the lists (see Bug 36)
1 56 Wanted Feature Ability to change the order of line types in Config list.   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open         1 fix will be related to making the delete key work in the lists (see Bug 36)
1 57 Wanted Feature Be able to delete line types from Config list.   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open         1 fix will be related to making the delete key work in the lists (see Bug 36)
58 Wanted Feature Change cursor for different functions (particularly magnifiers)   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open         31 general usability issue
1 59 Wanted Feature Dashed and dotted lines are unable to resolve complex lines so more colours would be helpful   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open           Qt color picker oughta make this easy
2 60 Wanted Feature Redo facility   F. Cawkwell Windows   Closed 7/23/2005 dls Redo of undo implemented similar to undo. Need to do a little clean-up (abstract upper classes, GID data handled the same as line data, etc.      
2 61 Bug In line definition dialog, ?vegetation? is misspelled.   F. Cawkwell Windows   Closed 5/24/2004 dls        
62 Plug-in Drainage basin identification plug-in   F. Cawkwell Windows   Open            
2 63 Bug Analyst name is not reread into Config/Session tab when reading a previously saved project.  Only the "Process Desc" field is reread correctly.  Same for image acquisition date in the Image/Info tab.   F. Rau, B. Raup   Urgent Closed 8/4/2005 dls All the fields should work correctly now - crashing caused by the "fixes" should also be resolved (8/20/2005)   83  
64 Bug When displaying a GeoTIFF image, geodetic coordinates are not (always) displayed correctly.   F. Rau, B. Raup Windows, Linux Urgent Open            
2 65 Bug Southern hemisphere glacier IDs are usually (but not always!) incorrectly generated with "N" rather than "S"   F. Rau Windows Urgent Closed 5/7/2004 dls 5/7/04: changed GlacierIDDef::toString to use temp variables for lat/lon so mlat/mlon aren't modified in the process of generating a glacier ID string.  5/5/04: Problem was in GLIMSProject::exportGLIMSIngest - called GlacierIDDef::toString(), which converts lat/lon to postive value with N, S identifier… changed order so lat/lon are written to shape file before toString is called      
2 66 Wanted Feature Ability to edit image metadata in Config tool   F. Rau Windows Urgent Closed 1/23/2006 dls 8/20/2005 - fixed issues with Image Information config, so should be easy to finish the job
1/23/2006 - Image config and Session mostly complete, but need to check for absolute correctness with data dictionary
67 Wanted Feature Need general comment field for notes about the glacier   F. Rau Windows   Open         67  
68 Bug Crash happens when trying to change viewed band combinations midstream through digitization work. 2/10/2004 T. Khromova Windows   Open            
2 69 Wanted Feature Project title or identifier should be in GLIMSview window title bar, so that someone can easily use multiple sessions at the same time. 2/11/2004 T. Khromova Windows Obnoxious Closed 1/23/2006 dls added to status bar   69 Add project title to XML. If not defined, use project file name.
2 70 Wanted Feature Indicate which metadata are optional, which are mandatory. 2/19/2004 Khalsa   Urgent Open         83  
71 Wanted Feature Compute length (given a center line), width (also from a certain
segment, use snow line?), and area automatically.
2/19/2004 Khalsa     Open         38  
72 Wanted Feature DEM: With an input DEM, offer orthorectification 2/19/2004 Khalsa     Open         95  
73 Wanted Feature STEREO: With ASTER data, offer stereo viewing while drawing lines (using colored glasses) 2/19/2004 Khalsa     Open         95 Overlapping footprints or DEM?
74 Wanted Feature Add comments field to segments, or at least to Glacier_Dynamic 2/19/2004 Khalsa     Open         67  
75 Wanted Feature (related to #11) Be able to select additional lines with shift-click 4/8/2004 Khalsa   Urgent Open         11  
2 76 Wanted Feature (similar to #32) Importing shapefiles should allow carry-over of attributes defining line types. 4/8/2004 Khalsa     Closed 5/29/2008 dls 2008-05-29 Updated segments shapefile import and added points shapefile import, both look for GLIMS attributes in the DBF file   32  
77 Wanted Feature (similar to #33) Enhanced selection tool ? polygon bounding region rather than just rubber band box 4/8/2004 Khalsa     Open         33 Will need this for data->text export (92)
2 78 Wanted Feature GLIMSview is slow with many vertices.  Either speed up, or give warning about too many vertices. 4/8/2004 Khalsa     Closed 7/14/2005 dls refactored undo to not save a copy of the entire line set, reducing memory usage   19 Probably related to the undo facility creating a full snapshot, which uses a lot of memory for large projects (19)
-1 79 Wanted Feature If there are lines or polygons that are not associated with a glacier ID, GLIMSview should give a warning before exporting for ingest (and even before saving). 4/8/2004 Raup   Urgent Open         1  
2 80 Bug Sometime, the ID dots disappear from the view, even tho' the IDs are still in the config tool list. 4/8/2004 F. Bown Windows Urgent Closed 12/6/2004 dls        
2 81 Bug The glacier ID is not correctly created from the coordinates. It truncates rather than rounding. More importantly, if the coordinate is something like "43.0532", the corresponding part of the ID becomes "43532"; the algorithm to generate the ID doesn't take into account a zero right after the decimal point. (The XML file stores only the coordinates for each glacier, and doesn't explicitly store the ID.) This is related to #65. 4/14/2004 B.Raup   Urgent Closed 4/16/2004 dls        
82 Wanted Feature be able to specify a default value for all points (preferably of a given line type), rather than having to enter them individually for each segment. 4/15/2004 Khalsa             Urgent Open            
0 83 Bug General issues with saving/reading project information to/from project file, starting with "Image Info" configuration dialog - suspect bigger problem.  4/16/2004 D.Soltesz   Urgent Open         83  
2 84 Bug WGMS classifications in Edit Glacier ID dialog are shifted by 1, causing wrong descriptions to be associated with the Glacier ID. 5/5/2004 B.Raup, F. Rau   Urgent Closed (Mostly - see notes) 5/24/2004 dls Fixed handling of values for the classifications to output WGMS standard values to the project file. Old projects will be automatically "fixed" and tagged with a version date. Schema (draft at this point) has been created. Version Date is pulled from AboutDlg.   96 Qt does not handle Schema - it does support DTD and insists on having a DOCTYPE in the file… one option is to suffer with it and use Schema, the other is to convert the Schema to DTD. 69 has another XML related issue
2 85 Typo Confluent in WGMS classification 5/20/2004 J. Kargel   Annoying Closed 5/24/2004 dls        
2 86 Typo Primary Classification "prim_class" missing underscore when exported to shapefile 5/2/2004 B.Raup, F. Rau   Annoying Closed 5/24/2004 dls Fixed output label on export, and check input labels on import for both "primclass" and "prim_class" for backwards compatibility      
2 87 Typo Output GlacType (again) instead of Name in LineData/LineDefSet/LineDefinition 5/18/2004 D.Soltesz   Annoying Closed 5/24/2004 dls No backwards fixes implemented      
88 Wanted Feature Secondary classifications? 5/21/2002 B.Molnia     Open           Needs to be addressed by GLIMS standards folks
0 89 Bug lineconfig-data set: the global uncertainties values for Y (sometimes also for X) are always set to zero after importing. in the exported file the values are still proper. 8/3/2004 D. Riemann (F. Rau)     Open            
2 90 Bug Certain EDC Aster products appear as "blank" image 10/8/2004 E. Lee   Urgent Closed 10/19/2004 dls DN range not set correctly when reading in 16-bit HDF file, resulting in bad autostretch of the data      
91 Bug Switch window display from normal to cascade and back causes crash 10/21/2004 E. Lee   Annoying Open            
1 92 Wanted Feature Export selected DN's to text file for use in spreadsheet 11/1/2004 E. Lee, J. Kargel   Annoying Open           need selection lasso metioned in 77
93 Wanted Feature When reading NLAPS format, it would be nice it GLIMSview didn't care which file in a set of NLAPS file for a particular image you picked -- it should just know that if you pick a .l? file, you meant the set of files associated with that one. 11/16/2004 B. Raup   Very Annoying Open           Barring a fix, it would at least be good to document that fact that you need to select the .H1 file. 
0 94 Bug Update glacier id list highlighting after doing a Set Line 12/6/2004 D. Soltesz   Urgent Open         1 Hope to fix with other listview issues mentioned in other bug/wish list items
95 Wanted Feature STEREO: Anaglyph viewing; Load same band into multiple channels; Load Aster 3B with other bands; allow view rotation to take advantage of Aster stereo pairs 7/20/2005 P. Geissler, D. Soltesz   Suggestion Open         95 Similar requests already on list
96 Wanted Feature Need Schema against which a project file can be validated (by GV) 5/27/2004 D. Soltesz     Open         96 Work started. Qt 2.3 doesn't handle Schema. Waiting for next version of Qt. May consider switching XML i/o over to use SAX libraries instead of Qt XML module
97 Wanted Feature Make GV project independent instead of glacier specific; Build dialogs from XML "project description" file that sets fields, types, values, ranges, etc. from project's data dictionary;  11/1/2004 D. Soltesz, K. Mullins (Mars Dune DB project)   Need by 2007 at the earliest Open           2005 CS Capstone Project worked on this issue, creating dialog boxes on the fly (a la Isis 3) from XML. 
2 98 Bug Prosc_desc truncated to 200 characters 7/14/2005 F. Rau   Urgent Closed 8/4/2005 dls 3D description also fixed to save as many characters as is in the description field     Truncated in XML or shapefile? See e-mail from 7/14
99 Wanted Feature In the whole view window make it so that whenever you click on the image, with any tool, it moves the red box to that area.  Since no other tools can be used in the whole view this would make for less tool switching between the differnt views. 7/15/2005 D. Gaseau     Open         99  
100 Wanted Feature Red box... in any of the views, when the hand tool is selected, make it so that instead of moving the entire image (if the hand tool is clicked outside of the redbox).  Make it so the redbox jumps to the place where the user clicked.  7/15/2005 D. Gaseau     Open         99 Refer to Envi for an example of this functionality
101 Wanted Feature I am having a hard time selecting points at 2000 zoom to modify them.  The selection tool only moves along the pixels and some of my points are not on a pixel boundry, making it hard to select the point that I want. 7/15/2005 D. Gaseau     Open         33  
2 102 Bug Undo doesn't deal with updating the GIDDefSet and thus the list of GIDs doesn't get properly updated on an undo/redo 8/4/2005 D.Soltesz   Urgent Closed 8/5/2005 dls        
2 103 Bug Export causes crash 8/5/2005 F. Rau, I. Brown   Show Stopper Closed 8/20/2005 dls Prior changes to description fields caused issues      
2 104 Bug Export causes crash 11/1/2005     Show Stopper Closed 12/1/2005 dls Same bug as 104 - update to latest version fixed problem       
2 105 Bug RCID limited to two digits 11/29/2005 B. Raup   Annoying Closed 1/6/2006 dls Bad programmer missed reading the full RC ID spec. RC ID increased to 3 digits to cover all possible RC IDs.      
106 Wanted Feature GLIMSView nodes less sensitive to being moved when splitting the line segments 11/16/2005 B. Raup, F. Cawkwell   Annoying Open            
2 107 Bug Importing session info from GLIMS ingest shapefile tries too fill info into analyst name and time fields 11/16/2005 B. Raup, F. Cawkwell   Urgent Closed 1/23/2006 dls       1/6/2006 - Having issues importing GLIMS shapefiles exported from glimsview (Windows)
-1 108 Wanted Feature Remove imported shapefiles without touching other work 11/16/2005 B. Raup, F. Cawkwell   Annoying Open         14  
109 Bug Configure plug-in crash? 1/3/2006 E. Liszewski   Annoying Open            
110 Wanted Feature User profile (automatically loads profile into session) 11/23/2005 B. Raup, Matt     Open           Would help drastically with keeping session information consistent