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Glacial changes may represent hazards for communities living near them. Outburst floods, landslides, debris flows, and debris avalanches can destroy property and take lives in a sudden rush of water, ice, sediment, rock, soil, and debris. Ice avalanches can trigger far-reaching hazards such as enormous snow avalanches, lake outbursts, and mud flows. It is not clear yet whether some of these hazards are a normal part of glacier behavior, or whether they signal dramatic new threats from a changing cryosphere.


The World's Glaciers: Hazards, Opportunities, and Measures of Global Change Brief overview
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GLIMS High Ice Presentation (2003)

GLIMS Aster Team Meeting Presentation (2004)

Rapid ASTER Imaging Facilitates Timely Assessment of Glacier Hazards and Disasters EOS Volume 84, 1 April 2003

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